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Detoxing, Conditioning and Firming


At Orient Retreat, facials are arranged according to different skin renewal cycle -「detoxing, conditioning and firming」. Three distinctive facial categories can well maintain your skin at its best condition and bring out your healing energy.

Face Reshape

75 min
Recommended:Age 35+, to improve skin collagen level and elasticity
① Skin Firming
② Special finger lifting massage to enhance facial features and contour
③ V-shape firming machine to stimulate collagen regeneration

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Total Collagen Rejuvenating Serum


Face Reborn

60 min
Recommended:Age 35+, lifting and contouring
① Skin Firming
② Unique finger massage techniques to reshape and define facial contouring
③ Gold germanium machine to firm facial muscle tissues
④ Firming mask

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Pure Face Essential Oil Blend -Radiance、
Facial Serum

Quick Facial

30 min
Recommended: 25+, need a quick facial fix
[ Highlights ]
① Three types of effective facials
② Ultrasonic brush to deep cleanse facial pores and ultrasound frequency to improve skin texture
③ Serum infusion

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Polyphenol Antioxidant Serum、ATX Hydrating 、Serum、Triple Brightening Serum


Aromatherapy Facial

Recommended :Age 25+, stressed skin
① Skin Conditioning
② Starts with back massage to relax improves circulation
③ Lymphatic drainage facial massage to detox
④ Special blend of essential oils and herb powder

[Featuring Product]
Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin C Mask

Radio Frequency Lifting Facial

90 min
Recommended :Age 35+, lifting and firming
① Skin Firming
② Radio frequency to lift and firm skin
③ Heat waves to restore skin youth
④ Reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity

[Featuring Product]
Pure Blended Essential Oil- Whitening,
Apricot facial massage oil


Marine Therapy Facial

75 min
Recommended :Age 25+, regular deep cleansing
① Skin Detoxing
② Manual cleansing and removal of blackheads
③ Ultrasonic device for deep pore cleansing
④ Special blend of marine seaweed mask for whitening and brightening

[Featuring Product]
Pure Face Essential Oil Blend -Purify、Hydrating Facial Massage Cream

23K Golden Spoon Facial

Recommended:Age 30+, improves skin tone and circulation
① Skin Conditioning
② Use 2 pairs of special 23K pure gold spoons
③ The heating & cooling effect helps cell regeneration and improves circulation and unique light body massage to promote chi flow

[Featuring Product]
Pure Face Essential Oil Blend -Detox, Facial serum


Collagen Quick Facial

30 min
Recommended: 35+, needs more college
[ Highlights ]
① A quick and effective facial option
② Ultrasonic brush to deep cleanse facial pores
③ Ultrasound frequency to enhance collagen formation
④ Serum infusion

[ Featuring Products ]
Young Collagen Serum

72 Hours Mirco Peel

75 min
Recommended:uneven skin tone and big pores
① Improving overall skin tone, minimize pores and lightens pigmentation and scars
② A non-surgical and painless method to achieve instants skin renewal and rejuvenated result
③ Skin continues to detox and heal in 72 hours after this facial for better skin texture

[Featuring Product]
O2Magic Cream、ATX Hydrating Serum、Acqua Facciale


Total Eye Facial

30 min
Recommended : 25+, sooth tired eyes and firm eye bags
① A relaxing remedy to release eyes pressure
② Lymphatic drainage and lifting device to improve eye bags
③ Specialty massage skill to lift skin around eye area

[Featuring Product]
OR Miracle Reviving Eye Mask, Advanced Firming Eye Cream, Color Floral Essence, Color Mineral Oil

Winder Lift Neck

30 min
Recommended: 35+, improves neck wrinkles and contour
① Stimulation of natural collagen to rebuild healthy skin protein cells
② Enhances skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and produces a lifting effect

[Featuring Product]
Total Collagen Rejuvenating Serum, Hydra Pure Mask

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