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Customized for your needs

Specialty Therapy

Based on your need and select the area you want to focus on. From Slimming and
Firming, Pain Relief to Skin Care , Orient Retreat provides a full range treatments to
tailor to your spa needs.

Glacier Shock Head Massage

30 min
Recommended:Sore scalp, head tension and stress, hair loss
① Massage from neck and shoulders to release stress
② Using Canadian glacier marble stone to sooth and calm
③ Scalp massage to relax muscle and tension related symptoms

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Healing Stone Back Massage

30 min
Recommended:Neck / Shoulders/ Back pain
① Using precious healing Obsidian stone to promote energy flow and body circulation
② High frequency heating massager can help relaxing muscle stiffness
③ Myofascial release massage that improves neck, shoulders, upper and lower back pain

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Abdominal Purifying Massage

60 min
Recommended:Slow gastrointestinal motility, constipation
① Starting with back reflexology massage to heal digestive function
② Deep abdominal massage to improve metabolism
③ Using cold and hot stone to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and assisting in weight loss

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Contour Restoring Therapy

45 min
Recommended:Postpartum recovery, partial slimming
(Waist, Back, Hips & Legs)
① A neuromuscular massage that focuses on the pressure points and deep muscle tissues to help enhance your overall immune system
② Strengthen lymphatic circulation
③ Himalayan crystal rock salt, activated epidermal microcirculation

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Wonder Slim

45 min
Recommended:Abdominal + waist / back + arm / Hip + Legs slimming
① Special radio frequency machine to tone muscle and improves body shapes
② Cellulite massage technique to emulsify fat cells
③ Chinese herb heat pack to boost circulation

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Magic Slim Treatment

45 min
Recommended : constipation , digestive disfunction
① Anti-Aging of the body, Intestine rejuvenation
② Meridian massage to activate digestive system
③ Improves adhesion of abdominal tissues
④ Enhances digestive wellness

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