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Effective Anti-aging Treatments

Youth Therapy

Hormones are the key to wellness and youth which decrease as we age. By age 40, hormones will drop to 50%. At Orient Retreat, our special youth treatments can help to bring hormones into balance through natural anti-aging products and unique massage techniques to guide your mind and body back into harmony.

Crystal Revive Massage

90 min / 45 min
(Back/Hips, Head/Bust/Abdomen, Legs )
Recommended:35+, to restore inner youth
① Color crystals are used at different area to bring positive healing energy
② Abdominal massage to rejuvenate inner youth and enhance female essence
③ Incorporate meridian massage techniques

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Floral Essence, Balancing Cream, Special Blended
youth massage oil, Color Floral Essence

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Lunar Therapy

60 min
Recommended :25+, menstrual discomfort,
postpartum women
① Homeopathic flower remedy to regulate negative emotions
② Treatment following lunar cycles to improve overall comfort during various menstrual stages
③ Incorporates fascia massage techniques
④ Using special blend of oils and stones to enhance female healing energy

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Pure Body Essential Oil Blend -Youth、Floral

Deluxe Bust Care

75 min
Recommended:35+, female breasts firming and wellness
① Massage that helps muscle circulation around breast area
② Exfoliation to improve skin texture
③ Enhances lymphatic circulation and helps breasts to firm and stay in healthy shape

[ Featuring Products ]
Pure Body Essential Oil Blend -Bust Care,
Fitness, Special Blend Bust Cream

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Healing Flower Remedy

90 min
Recommended :High Stress, Negative energy emotion, Poor Lymphatic Circulation
① Homeopathic flower remedy to regulate negative emotions
② Incorporates music and color remedies for overall wellness
③ Combines lymphatic and flowing massage to detox and relax using 39 kinds of flower essences and rare flower oils to balance your mind and emotion

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Pure Body Essential Oil Blend -Youth、Flower

Refreshing Plate Massage

60 min
Recommended :Tight head/neck/shoulder, low energy level
A unique massaging technique using fine ceramic plate to enhance body wellness
Massage around scalp and eye areas to reduce stress
Special X vibrating massage to increase body oxygen level

[ Featuring Products ]
Pure Body Essential Oil Blend -Fitness, Blue Balance Mineral Color Oil, Green Comfort Mineral Color Oil

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Inner Cleaning Treatment

60 min
Recommended : constipation , digestive disfunction
① Anti-Aging of the body, Intestine rejuvenation
② Meridian massage to activate digestive system
③ Improves adhesion of abdominal tissues
④ Enhances digestive wellness

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Pure Body Essential Oil Blend -Fitness, Delight Tummy, Mineral Color Oil

Energy Awakening Customized Massage

60 min
Recommended :Anti-aging, stress releasing, poor circulation
① Deep relaxation, nourishes youthful energy
② Using vibrational remedy and sound therapy to enhance overall wellness
③ Customized massage by working on personal aging attack spots.

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Balancing Cream、Body Essence

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