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Specialty Treatments

Abdominal Purifying Massage

A mollifying, metabolism-boosting treatment that helps enhance bowel movement, promote better digestion, and achieve overall physical and emotional well-being. By employing a specialized technique, our experienced therapists massage the abdominal area with slow, and mild pressure to ensure comfort and effect, and at the same time, help tone the firmness of the core area. This treatment is available in petite or deluxe versions.

Anti-Stress Back Massage

Specially designed treatment targeting chronic shoulder and back pain. This O.R. signature massage focuses on pressure points of the body and areas where stress build-up is apparent, to stimulate circulation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues while aiding in the removal of toxins.

Head Massage + Scalp Treatment

A treatment that allows you to decompress from the hectic, grueling schedule of daily life. A cranial-focused therapy that alleviates nerve tension, eases headaches, and relieves shoulder tightness by applying gentle pressures and circular motions around the area, and helps stimulate blood flow and alleviate nerve compression.

Far Infrared Sauna

The Far infrared waves gradually raise core temperature and promote circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. This enhanced circulation supports cardiovascular health and accelerates the body's natural healing processes by helping remove toxins and metabolic wastes to relieve sore muscles and joints. And help contribute to healthier-looking skin tone.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

A transformative massage specially designed to target stubborn cellulite, tone muscles, and improve body contour for a smoother, more sculpted appearance. This treatment focuses on areas prone to cellulite accumulation while helping break down fatty deposits, and stimulating lymphatic circulation for a smoother skin texture and toned muscle contour.

Salt glow Firming Treatment

Experience the revitalizing effects of Salt Glow Firming, a luxurious and effective treatment that helps instantly firm and tone the arms, legs, abs, and glutes. We start with a gentle exfoliation using mineral-rich sea salts, which help remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal, followed by a deep tissue massage to aid the improvement of skin tone and firmness.

Body Scrub With Salt

A short, refined treatment solely purposed to delicately exfoliate impurities off your body. With the formulation of our exclusive organic essential oil, sea salt, natural herbs, and organic carrier oil, the whole exfoliation process will be pampering, and effective, and leave you with a smooth, radiant skin tone.

Contour Restoring Therapy

Meticulously designed to target muscles, nerves, and tendons, promoting the restoration of body contour and enhancing firmness. Strongly recommended for post-natal, and menopausal body care. The therapy begins with a thorough assessment to identify areas of concern and develop a personalized treatment plan. Through targeted massage, stretching, and pressure point techniques, this therapy addresses muscle imbalances, relieves tension in nerves, and promotes flexibility and mobility. Available in petite or deluxe versions.

Magic Contouring

An innovative treatment that harnesses the power of light waves, radio frequency waves, and air pressure to address body swelling and fluid retention issues, promoting a sculpted and toned physique. With the addition of the O.R. signature massage, the whole procedure provides a holistic, total relaxation experience and unveils a confident, radiant body figure.

Contour Brushing

A 20-minute quick-fix, with a result-driven, and relaxing experience. A textured but non-invasive brush is applied with our unique massaging technique, to target areas prone to toxin deposit, and fluid retention. The unique rubbing and massaging motion help promote better circulation and tonality of skin in targeted areas and it's surroundings.

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